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Réparation U.V.

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    Réparation U.V. repairs the skin after the harmful effects of photoaging, prevents the risk of post-UV skin reactivity and delivers an immediate soothing effect while reestablishing optimal hydration.

    RECOMMENDED FOR  : All Skin Instants

    • Repairs and soothes skin after sun exposure
    • Hydrates the outer layers of the epidermis
    • Combats free radicals
    • Fights against the signs of ageing triggered by sun exposure
    • Prevents desquamation (peeling)

    Réparation U.V. should be applied to the whole face, neck and chest after sun exposure. Massage gently until the product is absorbed, avoiding contact with eyes.

    • Repairing and soothing agents: Polysaccharides rich in Rhamnose, Kudzu Extract, Amino Acid Complex.
    • Hydrating agents: Hydrating Sugar Derivatives.
    • Anti-free radical agents: Mimosa Extract, White Tea Extract.
    • Anti-glycation agents: Carnosine, Polyphenols derived from Milk Thistle and Tocopherol.
    • Relipidating agent: Pichia Anomala Extract

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