The BA Signature Facial

$315+ — 60-90 minutes

+ Add 1 additional booster: $395

+ Add 2 additional boosters: $450

The Signature Facial combines one of BR’s innovative boosters with advanced technology using the Biologique Recherche Remodeling Face Machine. This state-of-the-art device offers visible, immediate, long-lasting results by combining the power of four different electrical currents.

Please note: Our signature facials are customized for each client at the time of the service. Every facial is unique, and each session will vary according to your skin’s specific requirements at that time. Due to the highly personalized nature of each treatment, we recommend reserving 90 minutes for each session. All facials vary, and may take 45-90 minutes. For your first treatment, please expect us to use the full 90 minutes, so that we can properly assess your skin and recommend the correct treatment.

BA Deep Cleansing Facial

$150 — 60 MINUTES

The Deep Cleansing Facial is highly recommended for oily and acne-prone skin, and is great for teenagers and acne-prone adults. After a thorough skin analysis, your esthetician will gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin, followed by light steam extractions, and customized masks. We end the session with a cryo-massage to calm and brighten your complexion. Your skin will feel refreshed, revitalized and radiant.

BA OxyLight Facial

$400 — 75 MINUTES

If you’re looking for a non-invasive treatment with maximum results, the Oxylight Facial is your answer. We use an innovative technology that combines the following treatments for impeccable results and zero downtime:

  • Microcurrents

  • LED Light Therapy

  • Oxygen Therapy

  • Biosonix Ultrasound

  • Negative Pressure Therapy

This combination dramatically reduces lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and post-acne scars. Oxylight also tightens, hydrates, brightens, and firms skin. We’ve never seen such a dramatic difference in a single facial.

BA Micropuncture Lab

$395 — 60 MINUTES

Our Micropuncture Lab facial is an intensive treatment that helps fight against signs of premature aging, fine lines, pigmentation and acne scars. Its skin-tightening technique is nearly painless and uses micro-stimulations from tiny needles to create micro-channels in the top layer of the epidermis for increased regeneration and firmness. These micro-perforations trigger your skin’s natural healing process, including increased collagen production.

Simultaneously, we infuse BR's Cocktail d'Actifs Regenerants into the skin, a serum packed with 58 active ingredients, vitamins, peptides, and essential amino acids to reduce fine lines, tighten the pores, and fully hydrate the skin. Your skin will look revitalized, plumped, refreshed, and you’ll see a reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

For best results, we recommend three to four sessions every two weeks, followed by one treatment a month for three months. Note: MPL Treatments should be avoided during periods of high sun intensity.


Add any of these BR boosters to your facial, as indicated above
  • Soin Lissant

  • Lift CVS

  • Booster VIPO2

  • MC110

  • P50 Plumping Peel

  • Soin Masque Aux Acides des Fruits


In addition to optional boosters, these services may be added to our facials
  • Collagen Mask, $90

  • Peel, $80

  • Masque PIGM 400, $45

  • LEDoxy Therapy, $90

  • Eye Treatment, $40

  • Microdermabrasion, $90

  • Second Peau, $195

  • BIOSONIX + LED, $90