Frequently Asked

How much time should I allot for a treatment?

Due to the highly personalized nature of each treatment, we recommend reserving 90 minutes for each session. All facials vary, and may take 45-90 minutes. For your first treatment, please expect us to use the full 90 minutes, so that we can properly assess your skin and recommend the correct treatment.

How much do your treatments cost?

Prices vary due to the customized and involved nature of our treatments. However, a general range would be from $145 to $550. On our Services page, we have noted which treatments have a base level price, and scale up pending your specific needs, along with optional booster and service add-ons.

Do I have to buy Biologique Recherche products after my facial?

Our expert estheticians will work with you to establish a personalized BR home care regimen, but it is not required.

We strongly recommend continuing with the product regimen to maintain the best results,  to balance and strengthen the skin, and to maximize the effect of each treatment.

Purchasing the products is not mandatory but strongly recommended.

Do you offer free parking? Where is your parking lot?

Yes! We offer a free parking lot in the back of our building. Directions to BA Skin Lab can be found here.

Can I receive a facial with BA Skin Lab if I’m pregnant?

Yes, we see many pregnant clients! We will not perform any micro-current treatments during pregnancy, and everything else is pregnancy-safe.