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Lift Buste 3D


    A true expert care, the Lift Buste 3D firms and plumps the bust and buttocks. Highly concentrated in plumping, firming, and smoothing actives, the chest and buttocks regain a voluptuous, fluid, and sculpted curvature. The skin is smoothed, densified, firmer, for a visible and natural push-up effect


    • Lifts the bust for a push-up effect
    • Shapes and reinforces the support of the bust and buttocks
    • Plumps and restores volume
    • Firms, smooths, and tones
    • Prevents and corrects skin sagging
    • Smooths wrinkles and fine lines on the décolleté

    Bust area 

    1. Apply 3 to 4 amount of product into the palm of your hand and spread it evenly across both palms.

    2. Apply the product in a figure-eight motion. With the right hand flat, start from under the right breast and move towards the left shoulder, passing through the middle of the chest. Repeat on the opposite side, starting from under the left breast towards the right shoulder.

    3. Perform an upward smoothing motion on the outside of the right breast, then on the outside of the left breast.

    Buttocks area

    Apply the product by performing wide upward movements from the upper of the thigh towards the hip

    • Plumping platform

    Adipactiv, Arctic peptide, Vectorized Hyaluronic Acid

    • Firming platform

    Organic Silicon complex

    • Smoothing platform

    Myorelax Peptide, Manioc Extract, Chlorella Extract, Sugar Cane Extract

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