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Huile Sous-Ombilicale

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    Huile Sous-Ombilicale nourishes and eliminates toxins in the abdominal area. Its relaxing active ingredients bring instant relief, and help against water retention and a bloated belly.

    Huile Sous Ombilicale contains a blend of Cedar, Juniper, Pine and Clove Essential Oils and is designed for draining, detoxifying and revitalizing treatment of specific areas. Anti-stress treatment that combines pleasure with effectiveness. Specifically formulated to leave your skin toned, softened and your stomach visibly diminished and redefined.

    • Helps eliminate toxins and excess water.
    • Helps improve intestinal transit.
    • Dynamizes the pelvic muscles.
    • Reduces plumpness around the stomach.
    • Hydrates the top layers of the epidermis.

    Apply a few drops of Huile Sous-Ombilicale onto your stomach and massage in clockwise movements to activate the blood circulation.

    • Draining agents: Cedar Wood Essential Oil.
    • Toning agents: Juniper Berry, Pine and Clove Essential Oils.
    • Antioxidant agent: Grape Seed Oil.
    • Nourishing agent: Sesame Oi

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