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Huile Benefique

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    Huile Bénéfique is a multi-purpose oil that gives equally great results on the body and face as on the hair. Its lipid-replenishing, protective and anti-dehydrating active ingredients nourish and enhance the skin and hair

     This dry skincare oil leaves a film rich in active ingredients which protect against epidermal dehydration. Multipurpose care product, it makes the skin more supple and sublimated. Without leaving a greasy film, the skin is silky, hair is shiny and full of vitality. 

    Recommended for skin that is tanned, dehydrated and/or lacking in lipids.

    • Intensely nourishes the skin
    • Reconditions and protects dry, damaged hair
    • Restructures and reconditions the epidermal barrier
    • Compensates for the fat deficiencies of the epidermis
    • Makes tanned skin beautiful and silky

    Apply daily to the whole face, body and hair.  Apply in the morning and/or the evening to a cleaned skin. Gently massages.

    • Lipid restoring and regenerating platform: Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Apricot Oil
    • Antioxidant and protective platform: Organic Sesame oil, Rosemary Oil Extract, Roucou Oil
    • Tan enhancing platform: Carrot Extracts, Tomato Extracts

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