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Anti-Skin Slackening Complex - Body


The ultimate anti-aging body treatment. Nescens has developed an overall rejuvenation complex for skin structures to prevent and offset the slackening of tissues and improve their elasticity. The anti-skin slackening complex combines high cosmeceutical performance with the luxury of a fluid, enveloping galenic formulation. Used twice a day, the anti-skin slackening complex helps restore the ability of skin tissues to rebuild their main youth markers: elasticity, tone, suppleness, comfort and radiance.

• Restores the physiological tension of tissues and improves their tone

• Boosts the regeneration mechanisms of extracellular matrix components - collagen, elastin, glycosaminoglycans - crucially important to ensure a firm and elastic skin

• Regulates the natural exfoliation process and removes epidermal roughness

• Restores water supplies and lipids in the stratum corneum, essential for the preservation of a soft and comfortable skin

• Prevents and corrects pigmentation problems related to chronological and photo-induced aging for a perfectly even skin

Niacinamide: exerts a stabilizing effect on the epidermal barrier. Improves the moisture content of the stratum corneum. Speeds up the differentiation of keratinocytes.

N-Acetyl glucosamine: supports cellular adhesion (it binds glycoproteins, which in their turn bind corneocytes together). Stimulates the expression of keratinocyte differentiation markers (keratin, involucrin).

Taurine: protects epidermal cells from dehydration in a dry environment.

Retinyl palmitate (Vitamin A): speeds up the regeneration of epidermal cells and normalizes their differentiation process.

Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate (Vitamin C): stimulates collagen production.

Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E): increases the moisturization of the horny layer of the skin. Improves skin surface relief. Displays photoprotective effects and increases the efficacy of sun protecting factors (SPF). Provides beneficial antioxidant effects.

Methylsilanol mannuronate: promotes skin regeneration. Retards the loss of skin elasticity and changes in connective tissue structure linked to the aging process.

Glycerin : restores the lamellate structure of the intercellular lipids in the stratum corneum and ensures optimal hydration in the different layers of the epidermis.

Urea: increases the activity of enzymes involved in the synthesis of epidermal lipids.

Panthenol: contributes to the reconstitution of epidermal lipidic layers. Its hygroscopic properties boost hydration.

As part of the Nescens cosmeceutical skincare program, apply the anti-skin slackening complex in the morning and in the evening on the whole body surface using upward smoothing motions. For dry and flaky areas (forearms, thighs, legs...), proceed with the prior application of the PHA resurfacing emulsion. Apply the anti-skin slackening complex on the remaining areas. For men and women. Clinically tested under dermatological supervision.

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