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Serum 3R

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    Renewing, Regenerating and Repairing serum for face. Its complex antioxidant formula is rich in exfoliating, firming, soothing and hydrating active ingredients.

     Recommended for devitalized Skin Instants. Ideal for mature Skin Instants.

    With its preventative and curative anti-aging action, Sérum 3R  provides a complete solution to fight the signs of skin aging. With this product, devitalized and/or mature Skin Instants© will regain a youthful appearance and a radiant complexion.

    • Firms the epidermis by helping to strengthen the skin’s structure
    • Stimulates the body’s antioxidant defenses to fight free radicals
    • Moisturizes the upper layers of the epidermis and helps improve the hydrolipidic film
    • Repairs DNA
    • Exfoliates the epidermis to remove dead cells ▪
    • Calms irritations and inflammations with anti-inflammatory agents

    Apply a few drops of Sérum 3R after using the recommended cleansing milk and lotion and before applying your day or night cream.

    • Exfoliating platform: BHA, PHA, Powdered White Willow bark
    • Antioxidant platform: Cranberry Extract, Antioxidant Tripeptide, Walnut Extract
    • Firming Reconditioning platform: Complex based on Elderflower, Chestnut tree and Myrobalan leaf Extracts
    • Anti-inflammatory platform: Skin-protective Sugar, Polysaccharides rich in Rhamnose
    Hydrolipidic film reconditioning platform: Prickly Pear Cactus Extract, Lipidrestoring Polysaccharide

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