Biologique Recherché


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This intensive firming and toning bio-serum helps accelerate epidermal cell renewal.

It is recommended for dull, devitalized skin.

Intensive treatment that firms your skin.  The skin is regenerated. The facial outline is redefined and wrinkles are smoothed.  Gives your face a radiant beauty and a younger, firmer appearance.

  • Firms the skin's supporting tissues.
  • Accelerates cell regeneration in the epidermis. 

 Apply 10 drops of the Serum to clean skin over the entire face, neck and décolleté, lightly massaging it upwards until the product has been entirely absorbed.

Sérum Splenodermine can be combined with  other  Quintessential Serums.

  • Splénodermine: Cellular Oligopeptide.

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