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Creme Masque Vernix

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    Inspired by the protective layer on baby's skin at birth, this cream-mask mimics the original composition of vernix thanks to a selection of active ingredients rich in lipids, proteins and antioxidant peptides. This revitalising, repairing, protective treatment is ideal for deficient and/or stressed Skin Instants.

    RECOMMENDED FOR: dehydrated, sensitive and stressed Skin Instants

    • Accelerates the epidermal reconstruction and reconditioning
    • Restores and strengthens the protective barrier function of the skin
    • Protects and repairs the DNA of skin cells
    • Reconditions and gives a “second birth” to deficient Skin Instant©
    • Preserves and optimizes cutaneous hydration while decreasing transepidermal water loss
    • Smoothes dehydration wrinkles
    • A formulation that mimics the original composition of the newborn’s vernix
    • Respects the skin and helps the epidermis regain its original structure
    • Visibly moisturizes the skin and protects from external aggressions
    • Amazing soothing properties
    • Boosts the repair capacity of the epidermis
    • Rich in lipids and proteins

    Apply a thin layer of Crème Masque Vernix over the entire face in the morning and/or the evening after using the recommended cleansing milk and Lotion P50. To get a mask effect, apply it in a thick layer. Leave for about ten minutes then delicately remove any excess with a damp cotton pad.

    • Regenerating platform: Luffa Oil, Concentrate of Ceramides
    • Protecting platform: Anti-ROS and anti-RNS antioxidants, Placenta Extract, Carob Seed Extract, Yeast Extract

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